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Here at Pug Pawty - we love creating 100% original designs of our funny pug-themed coffee mugs across a furry flurry of pug merch ideas such as pug mom, pug life, pugs not drugs and more more! We love to provide our customers with hilarious and inspirational messages that not only look amazing, but raise a smile upon on-looker's faces too! Our glossy pug mugs are also perfect to buy as gifts too!

Make sure to check out our funny 'I like black pugs and I cannot lie' mug for a pug owner who adores having black pugs as their beloved pets. And also take a peak at our 'Pug mama' mug - the perfect gift for a mother of pugs at Mother's day, as a birthday gift or just to show how much you love her. And don't forget to check out our pug mugs for those die-hard Friends fans who also love their pugs more than other humans!